Wolfsgart 2018 - Essex Junction, Vermont

Wolfsgart 2018 - Essex Junction, Vermont

This was my second year heading up to Essex Vermont for Wolfgart, the Northeast’s Automotive Event of the year.

The plan was to leave from my barbershop around 11AM Friday, and of course my buddy Noah was late. Quarter to 12 rolls around and he finally gets there, so we take off to meet up with other friends. Moving forward, I have to back story.. I know, I know I am sorry but I will assure you it's worth it for the story I want to get to.

So people mainly know me for my RHD purple Cabrio. In July of 2017, I had picked up the Jazz Blue Drivers edition and tucked it away until March. Since then, I redid the front end of the car, with a new front bumper and lighting, roof resprayed to fix the sun baking and shaved the antenna. Also did the typical maintenance to the motor and steering components up front. I also installed a Switch Speed management from Accuair along with Airlift Performance suspension to sit on 16x9 ET15 square Schmidt Modernlines. Last year was my first year ever going to Wolfsgart and I took my Cabrio. I was hesitant to take the GTI since I only had it on the road for a couple months and wasn't sure how it would perform on a long trip. Fast forward to this year, I said screw it, if she breaks down, she breaks down and took the ride. On the way up, a friend of mine, Noah rear ended the GTI in his Crown Victoria. We were at a dead stop and I moved forward about five feet. He must've not realized I stopped and drove right into my bumper. He got out of the car flustered and shooken up thinking I was going to kill him. I looked the bumper already knowing I needed to replace it before him even hitting it and told him not to worry about it. He only added a small scratch right around the nipple indent the bumper already had. Bumper is still in the same condition, HAHA. Wasn't worried about it at all but I did tell him, he's lucky I wasn't in the Cabrio because my foot would've been in his ass.

Anyway, we head up 91 North towards VT and I hand my lady the camera and man she shot some amazing rollers of the cars in our group.

We get into South Burlington where our hotel is to check in; relaxed for an hour and took off to Bag Riders Block Party. I did a quick roll through and snuck out just before the cops shut it down because of the burnouts they were doing out front. After that, we made our way to Brew Hop which ended up being right down the street. Met up with a couple friends and shared a few brews; making it back to the hotel before it started to rain.

Saturday morning, we woke up early to head to Champlain Valley Exposition Center. I didn’t pre-register my car for the show (yay me), so we finally got in around 10:30AM. I parked the GTI, wiped it down and began to walk around. As always, the first thing I did was head over to VW of America. They brought out all of the new model VWs, including the brand new Arteon (which is better to see in person). We played the games and won a few VW gifts. A storm came rolling in so we took off to a friend hotel for a bit to get the car out of the rain. The skies cleared just in time for Aired Out in Downtown Winooski. This is where show staff shuts down an entire block and has some of the nicest cars from the show parked all together. I convinced my buddy Jochy to head up in his super clean JDM STi Forester, which he made it just in time to meet me at Aired Out. We all hung out running into mutual friends we haven’t seen in a while, some since last year

After Aired Out, we grabbed some food and went swimming. Later on that night, my buddies were film photographing a bagged MKV Jetta. We all did the usual and hung out at the parking lot shooting the car until 2am or so. It might sound boring to others but this is what I love about the car community, where we can just chill in a parking all night long, bull shitting and have the best time of life.

Sunday morning arrives and it's a perfect day for a car show. The sun was shining. No signs of rai, finally. We get dressed, pack up our stuff to check out of the hotel, then head to the show. Get to the show and same deal, wipe down the GTI again, play the games at the VWOA booth (got to win all the free stuff I can!). Walked the show, and was finally able to take some photos of the cars that caught my attention. My favorite MK3 was hands down the red Jetta GLX. The attention to detail was incredible and the full tan wrapped interior was amazing.

I left before the show ended since I had a 3 and half hour ride home. Took off with my buddy Jochy in his Forester, which then we had a MK6 and a black Corrado VRT cruising with us. I told my lady, he’s going to go after the Corrado, and he did. Needless to say I lost Jochy for a few minutes on the highway. Finally got home and I was actually proud of the GTI for how it performed. I was kind of skeptical as to how it was going to do but she did great. This years Wolfsgart was another great one for the books. I can’t wait for next year!

Full photo album: Click Here

Words by Henry Gomez

Photos by Henry Gomez and Kevin Gilmartin 


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