Wolfsgart 2017 - Essex Junction, Vermont

Wolfsgart 2017 - Essex Junction, Vermont

When most people think of the North East, they think of Boston or New York. Beyond those cities, hidden in the mountains of northern Vermont, is one of New England’s premier destination car shows. That show is Wolfsgart; now on its 8th year. This was my third year attending the show, and my first time staying for the entire weekend. It was one of the best experience I have had and from what I have gathered from others, that is the popular opinion. Join me, as I share with you 3 day experience at Wolfsgart.

Day One Friday August 4, 2017

Some of the attendees drove up on Thursday. I began my journey to Vermont on Friday. I got on the road with my fiancé in the passenger seat and we began the three hour trip to Burlington. One very unique and fun aspect to this event is the presence of a camp ground on the same site as the show. Despite this, my fiancé and I decided to go for a hotel. I needed power for the laptop, and the hot tub was a big draw. After we checked into our hotel, we decided to check out the Bag Riders Block Party. This is a small meet, put on by the staff of Bag Riders. The event is packed to the gills with quality cars. I walked around for a little, shot a bit, met up with some friends and moved on to my second event of the evening. Switchback Brewery in Burlington, Vermont opens its doors to the Wolfsgart show. Certain cars are allowed to park inside the brewery, but the parking lot was also a little meet in itself. After we had our fill for the day, we went back to the hotel to get ready for what was to come Saturday.

Day Two Saturday August 5, 2017

Saturday morning came around, and we ate breakfast at the hotel. The night before, I had been texting a few friends of mine to gather interest for an early morning shoot. The one person who was really serious about it was Adam Houben. He is the owner of a cream colored bagged MK1 VW Caddy on OZ Turbo wheels. We arranged to meet up at the waterfront park for 7:30 am, and it made for some of the best shooting I have had. Cloud coverage was ideal for photography. There was no one around to bother us so we could put the truck right up on the sidewalks. We were even able to park the Caddy in the middle of a roundabout overlooking a marina on Lake Champlain. After this shoot, I left for the show. When I arrived at the show grounds, we were experiencing scattered rain showers and occasional downpours. This provided me with some of the best show shooting I have ever experienced. I held an umbrella in one hand and the camera in the other. While the crowds were inside hiding from the rain I was out enjoying myself and shooting cars, all while keeping dry. After the show my fiancé and I, like most people, proceeded to the Air Out event in Downtown Winooski, Vermont. In all my time going to this show, I have never been to this event and it proved to be a real treat. Cars were parked everywhere, staggered in the streets, and even hard parked on the sidewalk. The evening lighting was an ideal condition for a photographer. With the day coming to a close, I called Dub Empire’s Henry Gomez to see if he was still shooting. He invited me to a parking garage where he and a few close friends of ours were. We did a little experimentation with external flashes. This is definitely something I need to pick up in the future.

Day Three Sunday August 6, 2017

Waking up Sunday morning with a bit more of a relaxed pace was refreshing after the wild two days of shooting I had. After my fiancé and I had breakfast and checked out of our hotel, we decided to explore a bit of the area in an effort to find photo spots for next year. We arrived at the show around the start time so I could do a good amount of shooting with low crowds. Around noon on Sunday, I felt that I had my fill of shooting for the weekend and decided to treat the fiancé to some exploring around Burlington, Vermont.

This show is one of the greatest experiences for any car enthusiast in the North East. There is nothing better than paring great cars with amazing scenery. There is so much to see besides the cars as well. Every year I go to Wolfsgart, it continues to improve. To the Wolfsgart staff, your tireless efforts to host a smooth running event are always successful and I thank you for that. You’ve given people an amazing environment to connect over something we are all passionate about.

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Full photo coverage: Click Here

Photos and words by Kevin Miller 


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