Treffen South 2017 - Atlanta, Georgia

Treffen South 2017 - Atlanta, Georgia

It seems as we get older and the more time we invest in our car community the harder it is to find a true enthusiast car event. I have only been involved in the car community for less than 10 years, and within that time-period I have witness car shows come and go. Now, where am I going with this? Treffen South is now on its third installment, a car event that has been nothing more than great success while remaining free for the true car enthusiast. Can you name any other events just like Treffen South? Hard to think about.

We departed Saturday at 3 am in route to Hampton, GA where Atlanta Motor Speedway is located. After departing Orlando around 3 am, we met with the MK3 Squad boys on the highway, creating a nice caravan. If you are from Orlando or ever traveled north on I-75 towards Atlanta, you know how boring the drive can get. Having a nice caravan on the trip up north was far more enjoyable.

After many pit-stops (much needed), we finally made it to Hampton and checked into our hotel which meant NAP TIME. Our naps did not last long as we wanted to attend Brew Cruise, a pre-meet located at a brew house. As tired as we were, it was worth attending the pre-meet as we got a firsthand look at the quality of car we will see at the main event.

Right off the bat, the first car that caught our attention was Benny's MK2 Jetta Coupe. Being a big fan of this car, screaming 90s at you, it was please to finally see it in person.

When you look at MFAUTO’s MK2 Golf, does it not make you want to shred corners at your nearest track?

Or what about this MK1 Scirocco? Take your pick!

The joy of this weekend and event, is being around true car enthusiast. Paul from Euro Tripper is one of them in our car community while his beautiful MK2 GTI speaks perfection.

Rise and shine! One thing I must say before I continue to blabber on, why is it that we hate to get up early for work but no matter what day or time it is, we will wake up ass crack of dawn to get to a car event with a smile on our face?.. The sun rises and we were in route to Atlanta Motor Speedway. After finishing with our booth set-up, we made sure to walk the event as cars rolled in, giving us the opportunity to capture one of our favorites moment. We were able to capture friends, enthusiasts, fans, prepare for a day of nothing but smiles and laughter.

Let’s now leave you to enjoy the photos. Comment below and let us know which one is your favorite!

We want to give a big thanks to Kip Love, Jon Hanna and the entire Treffen South staff who for the third consecutive year have put an amazing event, letting us the enthusiasts gather to enjoy what we love the most, family and friendship. 

Before we end, we want to share what it means to be part of our community. Treffen South 2017 was dedicated to Jeff Bynum, a long time enthusiast but most importantly a long time friend that we lost late last year. As a tribute, all Bynum Build were showcased in memory of Jeff Bymum. We truly miss you Jeff, may you rest in peace. 

Put your gloves on because we are going racing, Ricky Bobby style! Next year is already in the works with a new name, Treffpunkt South. How do you guys like it? We love it!

Well, the fun has come to an end today and we hope you enjoyed reading this article along with the photos. We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! See you next year, Labor Day weekend at Treffpunkt South.

Full photo coverage: Click Here

Words by Alexander Martinez 



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