Simply Clean 9 - Destination Daytona, Ormond Beach

Simply Clean 9 - Destination Daytona, Ormond Beach

Hello world! It’s been a long time hasn’t it? Well a long time for me at least since I wrote my last article. The past year has been pretty busy around these parts, but I decided to take a little bit of a back seat and mainly edit some of the articles that have came. But now I’m back! Next year you guys will be able to see a plethora of articles, reviews, DIY’s, and maybe even some rants regarding cars, people, or even events. I hope everyone had a great year, but for now lets get down to business. Here is our review of Simply Clean 9! 

As many of you should know, arguably one of the biggest events here in FL for the car community on a whole is Simply Clean. The event is held at Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach, FL, at a giant rest area of sorts. This year marked 9, yes NINE, years of Nikoli Chin hosting the best car based event weekend in the state. Sure some might say WekFest is the best, or FixxFest, or EuroTripper. But the difference with the SC events is that they’re catered to everyone, and it’s not a competition. Obviously as the slogan states. This year, however, has proven to be the biggest in SC existence. It was also the first year that we decided not to booth, but instead cruise the event, see old faces, and gawk over immaculate vehicles. Of which there were a good amount. Now even though the event is made to bring car communities of all makes, models, and colors together, we’re gonna cover the ones that stuck out to us within our community. 

Before we jump into the cars though, lets talk about all the old and new faces we saw and chatted with throughout the day and breakdown a bit of our day (unfortunately we didn’t stay the night in Daytona as we should have). By the way what is it with being able to wake up at the ass crack of dawn for an event but show up extra late to work the following Monday? Anyways the day started with our Head Honcho picking up a very sleepy me from my house at an hour which doesn’t even register on my alarm clock. After battling the demons on our local interstate known as I4, or as I call it ‘The Valley of the Shadow of Death, we peeled off into Destination Daytona. Year after year on the way in we greet the hard working staff who is compromised of a plethora of community members, of which we give the most respect to for getting up before the rooster screams and getting shit done. They’re the real hero’s of this event, trading in capes for neon t-shirts that read ‘STAFF’. From there we met up with a group our group of boyo’s, men who’s minds think alike yet argue over things like bagged Ferrari’s and whether or not XRP is going to shit on Bitcoin. Whatever that means. The group consists of our homies Alex Nova (The Internet), Zach Carol (y’all need to peep his work), Tim Drepaul (Static Forever), Kevin Brown (King of the Carrots and MKIV GLI Daddy), George Malioras (Senior Conspiracy Theory expert), Prezzi (has a purple Avant and a thing for S-Classes (also first name not required)), Tony Sundell (Red Clay),  and Rodrigo Cruz (Lost in Time). When our forces unite…well nothing of news worthy events happen but great memories are made thats for sure. 

First stop was Prezzi and Tony’s booth showcasing O-Town Customs. The pairs new speed shop located in Orlando. These guys really do it all, from turning an S4 into an RSFaux, installing air/coils, and even performing basic maintenance. Not to mention both of them are absolute stand up guys who take a lot of pride in their work, as they should. Holding down the booth was Aaron Dix’s exquisitely patina’d Beetle along side a 48’ Fleetline Chevy frame of, while adorned with Kevin’s MKIV GLI bagged on a set of Rotiform KPS’ and Lucca Mentone’s freshly built S4 that was just completed. From there it was time to cruise the lot. The famous pavilion known for its many food eating contest’s held by the boisterous Manny Colazo of HighWayStar Garage, to the perfectly executed cars under its roof. But the one that caught my eye and will burn in my mind is that of Paul Barney and his MKII GTI. You may know Paul considering he heads the highly European influenced event in South West Florida known as EuroTripper. The car, well thats a thing of beauty. Interior curtsey of Kip from LovesTrim, an immaculate shaved bay that resembled walking into a palace and being greeted by 4 ITB’s who will now show you throughout the 16v engine and out through the stunning VAP Motorsports headers, after which you can gaze into the golden colored BBS E50’s that absolutely set the car off. It goes without saying that Paul’s car was easily my favorite and the show. And that was a problem. You see because of this, I was left anticipating that everyone else (to a certain extent) would take the same time and quality into their cars. Obviously that's not possible, but if it were. I often wonder what the results would be like. Alas, to each his own. 

As with every year we saw familiar faces, faces we haven’t seen in quite some time. From Tommy Williams, to Spencer Barr, Jorge Pineda, Mason Gavin, Cole Young, Mike Robles, Jerome Cruz, Danny Otero, and Chris Hawn just to name a few. It still baffles me how we can all go a long ass time without seeing one another but then be brought together by a common passion and congregate with one another as if a day hasn’t even passed. Thats something we’ll all admire from the community. No matter how different it may be from when we all first jumped in. After cruising through the sea of cars, including two RWB 964’s, and familiar/new faces. After watching staff and police track down ricer boy’s two stepping in the lot. And even after watching the parade of cars and bikes make their way out of the show ground, it was then time to help pack up and make our way to the after event. See what I did there. The spot was Donnie’s Doughnuts, known for their delicious doughnuts and having people make the most difficult decision over which doughnuts to inhale. The gathering was put on by Mason Gavin, who some of you guys might know as the mastermind behind the Riverside Chattanooga event held in Tennessee. We arrived just in time to order our bakers dozen, sit, and then watch the cars roll in. Our ears were deafened when Jorge pulled in with his E92 M3, soon after followed by Alex Goldstein’s E92 M3. Both of which were well executed. Jorge’s on Rotiform KPS’s and a set of BC’s with a loud horn for an exhaust (which none of has had any quarrels with). Alex’s bagged on a set of custom Alpina wheels that looked absolutely stunning. Another wave of cars followed in and the lot quickly became crowded. But before things got too late, and before we froze like mammoths in the ice age, we decided to hit the road back to Orlando. Should we have stayed longer we would of witnessed the eager that took off at Donnie’s later that evening.

All in all, SC9 weekend did not disappoint. As if it ever has. We had a blast for the day that we were there for the event and after event shenanigans. We saw plenty of life long friends. Gazed into plenty of things some of us can’t afford but one day aspire to. And consumed enough beer to declare Destination Daytona as an off shoot common wealth of Germany. As always a huge shout out to Nik and his staff who continue to put on an extremely well organized event and an overall great experience. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported local business’. And thank you, for taking the time to go through and read this piece. If you liked, then the good news is that we are going to be doing even more articles for 2018! Crazy this year has passed by so quickly though. We look forward to all the new articles that will be coming out, and be on the look out for new march on the site! Happy New Year everyone!

Full photo coverage: Click Here

Words by Sean O'Connor  

Photos by George Malioras 


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