Simply Clean 8 - Destination Daytona, Ormond Beach

Simply Clean 8 - Destination Daytona, Ormond Beach

Now on its eight installment, the Simply Clean event has by far been our favorite non-euro event in the past years, with this year being its best yet. Nickoli and his team have been making sure for the past eight years that us car enthusiasts have a place to go, show off our pride and joy but most importantly gather with the people we most love and share a passion with. 

The past two years we have been a part of the vendor team for Simply Clean but sadly this year we opted-out in order for us, as a whole, to get ready for 2017. Us not vending did give us more time to focus on the people we have not seen in years while making new friends. 

Paul Barney finally brought out this beautiful MK2 GTI out of storage, showcasing the true craftsmanship of German engineering. 

Under the hood you find a 16-valve engine with a complete custom shaved engine bay. 

And it could not be done without the interior being touched by Kip Love from Lovestrim. 

Art In Motion had an awesome line-up this year, here is David's MK6 GTI on MA5. 

Natalie's MK4 GTI with NA21. 

Mike killed it with this set-up, sitting on MA21.

Das-Euro! Edgar and his beautiful B7 Passat finishing off the Art In Motion wheels line-up. 

It's always a great pleasure catching up with Sparky. We hear his Porsche 964 is getting a full makeover? Can't wait to see what Sparky got up his sleeves. 

Bag Riders joined Simply Clean this year, it was great seeing them in Florida. 

Now here is a man we have a lot of respect for; Sam Dobbins is a genuine person that represents and describes a true car enthusiast and more so in the European community. We have known him for years and it was great catching up with him and getting all the details in his new MK7 GTI RS.  

Just two days prior to Simply Clean 8, Sam made it in from the west coast as he was attending SEMA. Lets just say, he did drive his MK7 GTI RS from the west coast to the east coast in no time!

Nick! We love your new set-up with the VIP Modular wheels.

Jarome's MK3 Jetta has come out to be one of the most well-put MK3's on the east coast.

The William's brothers at the BC Racing booth, showcasing their all new BC Forged wheels. 

As always, an event comes to an end and the hard one year wait begins. We want to truly thank Nickoli and the entire Simply Clean crew for making this event possible, creating what it has become. 

Full photo coverage: Click Here

Photos by George Malioras and Tyler Nelson

Words by Alexander Martinez



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