No Dough 2017 - Port Orange, Florida

No Dough 2017 - Port Orange, Florida

If you have been a long time Volkswagen enthusiast in the South East, then you should know of a special air-cooled event that takes place near the beach in Daytona, FL. No Dough is not just a car show, it's a weekend filled with camping, bonfires, drinking and most importantly, spending time with your great friends. 

I was only able to attend half of the main event on Sunday, giving me enough time to get some photos of, in my opinion, the best air-cooled community in the U.S.

We can all agree that the environment from the air-cooled community to the water-cooled community is different, but we can also agree, that since sharing a common interest, it helps us get together and learn about each other. 

I know we all say each event we attend feels like a family gathering. No Dough surpasses that feeling, the love you simply feel from this event makes you think you own an air-cooled when you really do not, well at least for some of us (like myself).

Always a big fan of Aaron's Karmann Ghia. Very unique with it's Gulf inspired theme along with hydraulic suspension. 

Now here is car that caught everyone's attention, Che's Dune Buggy. From the bright green paint, to the Porsche Gotti's or the turbo stacked on the back, this Buggy was simply built for one main reason, to put a smile on your face. 

Happy to say that on Sunday there was no shortage on buses, kids got to school on time! 

Great friends and Orlando natives, Raul and Junito with their 57 oval-window and 62 Beetles. 

Now this Type 3 Squareback it just straight up COOL!

Corey brought his MK1 Scirocco that we all love. She's for sale! Fully restored! Make sure to contact him for details. 

4'11" and under? 

Every event you attend, you always have that one car that stood out, that one car you kept going back to look at. Well, you're looking at the car that kept me drooling. From the unique Coke-Cola theme or to the tetanus shot you needed after staring for too long. There isn't one thing I disliked about this bus. 

This is an event I will for sure attend each year and you may never know, maybe one year I will show up with my own air-cooled. But first I have to finish the MK3, which who knows how long that will take. 

Full photo coverage: Click Here

Photos and words by Alexander Martinez


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