New England Dustoff 2018 - Thompson, Connecticut

New England Dustoff 2018 - Thompson, Connecticut

The spring season is always a fun time in New England. Winter held on a bit longer than usual this year, so the Volkswagen community was especially eager to get the season underway.

The first event to kick off the VW and Audi show season in the Northeast is New England Dustoff. I have been attending Dustoff for three years consecutively now. I have to say the show gets better and better every year regardless of what the weather does.

When I arrived to the show, the rain was coming down pretty steadily as it usually is at Dustoff. Connecting over these temperamental vehicles with old and new friends while trying to make the best of the pouring rain is what this show is all about.

I shot what I could without compromising my gear and enjoyed the wide variety of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.  As the day progressed through the afternoon, the sun did decide to make an appearance which made for some great photo opportunities.

One thing Dustoff prides itself on is being a Volkswagen and Audi specific event. This show continues to be a repeat event for me and always will be as long as I live in New England.  

To all the staff, volunteers, enthusiasts, Tom and Blake, all of the judges, thank you for orchestrating a quality event to start show season. Don’t forget to follow New England Dustoff on Instagram at @newenglanddustoff for updates on their fall wrap up show they organize in October. As always thanks for reading and enjoy the photos.  

Full photo album: Click Here

Words and photos by Kevin Miller


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