New England Dustoff 2017 - Thompson, Connecticut

New England Dustoff 2017 - Thompson, Connecticut

It’s that time of year again, spring is finally here in New England. Car season is officially upon us. New England Dustoff is an event that never disappoints year after year.

My day started with a nice cruise to the show through the winding back roads of Connecticut with a few friends. Upon arrival at the show the line to get in was packed with quality cars.

Fortunately for me, I just parked in the spectator lot. Without wasting much time, I hit the ground taking photos. The Dustoff Legends class was lined with a lot of quality cars. I spent the day shooting beautiful cars, catching up with people I don’t get to see very often and even meeting some new people. Then the clouds rolled in very quickly.

Soon after the clouds started to loom, a heavy but quick thunderstorm began. This was not a surprise to most people in attendance. Those familiar with the show often say “it isn’t Dustoff unless it rains.” When the rain came down a lot of people still decided to leave. Immediately after the rain subsided, it made for the best shooting all day as the crowds were much smaller and the ground offered some reflection.

The staff works tirelessly on putting this show together year after year. It always turns into an amazing day no matter what the weather decides to do. To the staff and volunteers that make this show possible, thank you. Your efforts and hard work are evident in the show’s fluidity as it progresses through the day. Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos!

Full photo coverage: Click Here

Photos and words by Kevin Miller 


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