Hybrid - Rafael's MK6 Jetta

Hybrid - Rafael's MK6 Jetta

His name is Rafael Borja, a fellow car enthusiast I meet a few years back. He was known for his bagged Mazdaspeed 3 wagon, a Japanese car with some European flavor, something that caught my attention. After getting to know Rafael, I realized he is a very down to earth person and a very passionate automotive car junky.

Fast forwarding to present day, Rafael now owns a MK6 Jetta. It didn’t take long for him to get Air Lift Performance air suspension with 3P management ,18 inch MD1 WCI 3 piece wheels, euro hybrid taillights and full Votex lip kit. When I saw his car in its current form, you can tell everything was well put together, grabbing everyone's attention!

Rafael took 1st place at the Air 2 Water Show at Napleton Volkswagen of Central Florida for Best MK6 this past February, a great event  only in its second year, local to us Central Floridians.

But in all retrospect, such a fun car to shoot and to stare at! To this date Rafael’s MK6 is one of my favorite European cars in the Central Florida area. People like Rafael and others helps Florida to be known for its growing European community. So lets keep it up and show the world what we have to offer!

Q. What made you choose the Volkswagen MK6 Jetta?
A. The reason I choose this than any other VW was because of the 2.5 engine. It’s the most reliable motor. I was able to get it with a manual transmission which was a must for me. The best part for me was the sound that came out the exhaust! The car sounds like a VR6, I love it! It turns heads and confuses people because you wouldn’t think a Jetta would sound like that!

Q. How did you get into cars in the first place?
A. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved cars. I remember asking my father to buy me Hot Wheels and when I got them I would grab a Sharpie and customize them! When I turned 17, my father bought me my first car, a 2002 MK4 GTI. Ever since that day I feel in love with VW’s, I’m on my 4th VW and in the near future there’s more to come!

Q. How did it feel to get 1st place in the MK6 category at Air 2 Water this year?
A. Well, this show I was actually looking forward too, being local and just starting up. I was worried I wasn’t going to have the car presentable enough for my liking. After pulling some strings I was able to do it. I was very happy to be a part it and taking home that plaque was the cherry on top! I think this show takes #2 for on my favorite shows in Florida and its my second year attending. I’m looking forward to next year, as its going to be bigger and better. See y’all there!

Q. What are your future goals for your car and yourself?
A. My future plans for the Jetta will consist of a few exterior things. I’m looking to do the IRS swap to center out the rear wheels and dial in the rear fitment to how I want it. Other than that, new headlights and possibly a color change. I also want to completely redo the entire interior. Everything I have in mind I’d rather keep it a surprise! I plan on holding this car for a while so no rush to get it done. As of goals for myself? I just want to finish college and get a great job so I can finish the Jetta to how I envisioned it!

Q. Any shout outs to friends and family?
A. I want to give a huge shout out to my dad because if it wasn’t for him starting this craze for me, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am also thankful for my girlfriend because she supports everything I do even though she hates that I’m never content with my cars. Also a huge shout out to all the true homies, you know who you are! Thank you for the countless nights and help with this car and previous cars, couldn’t have done it without you guys! A major shout out to Giovanni Gonzalez, this dude right here is the real MVP always down to hang, shoot, and is well connected!

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Photos and words by Giovanni Gonzalez 



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