Formula Drift Round 3 - Orlando, Florida

Formula Drift Round 3 - Orlando, Florida

April... Whats so good about the month of April? Well of course the beginning of spring, going to beach and perhaps spring cleaning if that's your thing (oh how much we miss the little spring we got now that have entered summer). But April holds a very special event in Central Florida known as Formula Drift, a sport that has originated in he foothills of Japan and mastered by many legends from the past to the present.

Drifting a world wide sensation is now considered world wide racing sport, which I think is awesome! I mean why not!? Now fast forwarding to present time, the league known as "Formula DRIFT" is established in many places around the world such as Asia, Europe, America and Australia/New Zealand. So me living in Orlando, Florida made it easy enough to attend Formula DRIFT Orlando for the past 4 years.

For years Central Florida's grassroots drifting has been growing for years and have produced great drivers such as Chealse Defona and Kevin Lawrence. I love drifting but never had the time or money to afford a build therefore coming to these live events every year makes me feel a whole lot better but not just for me but for everyone else who loves this sport.

During qualifying/practice on Friday everyone pushed it the limits as for others they didn’t make poll position it due to driver errors. Saturday’s qualifying was just awesome, various drivers going head to head trying to make the top 8 spot (that’s when you start biting your nails) whie there was several OMT (one more time) attempts which are my favorite battles!

The last standoff was Fredric Aasboe and Chris Forsberg. Fredric Aasboe won last year at Orlando with an outstanding performance; a great fact he scored 99 points during qualifying at this years FD Orlando, that’s nuts! With that said Chris Forsberg took the win this year against Fredric Aasbo in the last round in this years 2018 Formula Drift Orlando. On the behalf of me and Dub Empire we would like say Thank you to Formula Drift for having us there at the event, Also bringing this awesome live event the Central Florida for years and keeping drifting alive in the sunshine state!

Full photo album: Click Here

Words and photos by Giovanni Gonzalez 


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