Fatlace Friday's - San Mateo, California

Fatlace Friday's - San Mateo, California

I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life and cars have been a passion of mine since I was young. Fatlace has had a huge influence on the car scene since the mid 2000s and I can’t believe that I’ve never been to any of the Fatlace locations. For those of you who don’t know, Fatlace was started by Mark Arcenal for his passion for hip hop music and break-dancing. As his separate blog for drifting started to grow, he decided to combine everything into one.  From there he started making clothes, accessories, and stickers.  Along the way, Illest and Hella Flush were born from the car culture.

I finally made it out to two of their Fatlace Friday events that they host about once a month at their headquarters in San Mateo, CA and I thought I’d combine both into one article. Each Fatlace Friday event has some sort of theme or feature. For example, the event in May featured Garage Welt and the event in June featured a collaboration with Mooneyes.

The event on May 20 featured Garage Welt, a company in Los Angeles that creates clothing and accessories inspired by cars and automotive culture. They brought their Garage Welt E30 M3 that sat perfectly in the middle of the shop on a set of OZ Futura’s.

Other than the M3, the first things that I noticed when I walked into the garage were these two track karts. The Marlboro livery on the kart on the right caught my eye in particular. When I looked a little closer, I was surprised to see that it even had Senna stickers on the side pods. Unfortunately, the kart was not for sale but just seeing it made my day.

There was another surprise that sat right behind me. I turned around to walk toward the M3 and saw this beauty leaning up against a wooden pillar. It had only been about three minutes since I walked into the shop and I was already in love.

This area offered a bar like feel with a classy pool table and matching Harley Davidson overhead light. Directly behind them was an Initial D 3 arcade system where two people were racing competitively.

Under the Tumblr-esque lights sat a mint Nissan 2000gt Fastback. Now I know at Dub Empire we feature German and other European cars but this is something that would break any car enthusiast’s neck. Next to it, there was as clean AE86.

Tucked in the back right corner of the shop, I spotted a clean Bug that was actually for sale. I still wanted that Marlboro kart or fixie though…

On the upper deck of the shop, there was a DJ bumping music throughout the whole evening. There was also a good sized RC drift track with a shop that sold various RC drift bodies, parts, and accessories. My cousin mentioned that the shop reminded him of Han’s garage in Tokyo Drift. He said all that was missing were those colored boxes that the girls were sleeping in.

Also in the RC shop was the legend, Nakai San’s quarters.The Fatlace Paddock is actually one of the headquarters for RWB USA. Nakai San built a handful of RWB’s in house. Unfortunately, none were at the shop that day.

There were a couple cars sitting out back as well.

Out front there were quite a few BMWs.

At the Fatlace Friday events there are usually a couple food options. The Game Day Truck was posted outside and the smell of fried asian food in there was calling my name.  My friend Tyler and I both ordered chicken katsu burritos and completely inhaled them. Needless to say, it was delicious. Damn, I really want one right now.

Just as I was about to leave, I saw an old little Fiat driving around so I waited to see if they would park. They eventually did, and I was able to snap a couple shots of this little Fiat 600.

The second Fatlace Friday I attended was a month later on June 24th. When I arrived around 6:30pm that Friday, I was surprised to see a Liberty Walk 458. I unfortunately did not get a picture from the front because it had already left when I came back.

For this event, Fatlace was promoting their new collaboration with Mooneyes. Mooneyes has been around since the ‘50s and has had a huge influence in the hot rod community. They too hail from sunny Southern California.

Is this a foreshadowing for this early ‘70s 911?

Out front, there were several more Air-cooled gems.

I spotted a couple other builds in the surrounding neighborhood.

I love the Cayman GT4 and this one was set up so nicely. It had a white X brace in the back with matching white staggered wheels.

Aside from all the German cars at the event, there was a well-built hot rod right in front of the shop.

I can’t forget about the other stunning 2000GT that belongs Mark Arcenal. I actually had the chance to talk to him toward the end of the event. It turns out the Senna kart was his and he actually races it. He was happy to hear that I liked his kart and was also a bit surprised to learn that I was named after Ayrton Senna. Overall, a very cool, easy going, and down to earth guy.  I am really looking forward to attending more events in the future.

From the two Fatlace Friday events that I attended, I really enjoyed the diversity of cars that came through.  It was awesome to see car enthusiasts from different communities come together to hangout, eat some food, drink some boba (and some beer) and just decompress after a long week at work. I am very excited to attend the next one and I will definitely miss them when I go back to school in the Fall. I thought this picture would accurately represent the chill vibe that I felt on those Fridays so I’ll just leave this here. Cheers.

Photos and words by Ayrton Cinco


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