European Experience 2017 - Savannah, Georgia

European Experience 2017 - Savannah, Georgia

2017 marks the second year for the European Experience, held on Hutchinson Island in Savannah, Georgia. The sheer number of  quality European cars that turned up from all over the country speaks volumes about the types of people we were lucky enough to spend the weekend hanging out with and getting to know. Weather was warm and sunny as one would expect from the deep south during the summer, and was perfect for enjoying both the show and the historic beauty that Savannah had to offer.

The EuEx experience began well before the actual show with a ‘pre-meet’ of sorts held on Thursday at Tybee Island, and was filled with fantastic drinks, beautiful cars, and the sandy beach. From there, the evening focused in one of Savannah’s gorgeous city squares, allowing passersby and local businesses to get a feel for the weekend that was to come. We found that attitude of getting the locals involved and caring about the city to be a refreshing change of pace compared to other shows.

Friday morning saw the beginning of another perfectly warm and dry Georgia day, and also marked the beginning of the EuEx vendor setup day. Before too long, the infield of the raceway was filled with vendors offering everything from performance parts, to wheels, and no shortage of apparel. This is when vendor booth cars began to roll in for setting up, and we knew we were in for a fantastic show based on the quality of the cars we saw on Friday. Stoked doesn’t even begin to describe how we were feeling!

Saturday was it; the big day that we’d been waiting for. Regardless of what some say about the move to Savannah from Helen, it became immediately apparent that Savannah’s bigger size was infinitely more appropriate for the volume of cars present. Over 20,000 European car enthusiasts and 3800 cars brought liveliness to sleepy Savannah, with each vehicle arriving modified in its own way, showcasing the taste of each owner.

The show field and spectator parking lots were filled with a more diverse collection of cars than we can even begin to explain, but suffice to say EuEx cemented the notion that our builds are every bit as well-executed as those on the other side of the pond. Some have been hesitant to accept Savannah as the new location for ‘SoWo’, but take it from the Dub Empire crew – it’s something you need to experience. You can bet we’ll be back next May for round 3!

Full photo coverage: Click Here

Photos by Kagen Wittbold and Kevin Brown

Words by Kevin Brown 


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