Euro District 2017 - Jeffersonville, Indiana

Euro District 2017 - Jeffersonville, Indiana

Enthusiast across the globe wake up at ungodly hours, travel hundreds of miles, only to graze parking lots crammed with cars in search of that one build that really piques their interests or to show off their hard-fought auto they’ve spent countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears on.


It’s very rare these days that you find a car show that embodies not just great all around cars, but also brings the community together. Euro District does this very well. From a race inspired ‘72 Porsche 911 to newer VW’s with crazy wheel specs and the latest air ride setups, you’ll find it at Euro District. Not to mention, you might leave with a few new acquaintances as the whole atmosphere of the show is extremely friendly. No bullshit, just friends and cars.

I was able to get the founders Brad and Dinah to take some time out of their busy schedules to answer a few questions about Euro District:


What made you all want to start Euro District?

We talked about putting on our own show for years (Dinah organized Water by the Bridge from 2012-15) but traveling to all the other shows took up most of our time. We decided last year to organize it as a celebration of our 10th anniversary of starting EuroTrash Apparel Company.


When coming up with the idea of Euro District, what did you want to emphasize the most?

We wanted the show to be about European cars obviously, but also about the social gathering of like minded people. This year we had attendees from as far away as New Jersey, Florida, Minnesota and Texas. That made us proud that in year 2, people are already willing to drive 12+ hours to attend.

Jeffersonville, IN is an interesting location for an event. Any particular reason why you all chose this location?

We chose Jeffersonville, IN for a few reasons, but a mainly because of the proximity of great businesses within walking distance to the show grounds, hotels and of course, the riverfront. It's seriously an amazing place. We want people to come for more than just a car show for a few hours, and really enjoy themselves for the weekend. A mini-vacation, if you will. We start Friday afternoon with an organized Bourbon Tour. Friday night is our hotel pre-party, which is really becoming a large get-together in itself.  We host Links & Drinks Friday night where we fire up the grill, cook a few hundred hot dogs for everyone and enjoy hanging out before the chaos starts Saturday morning. This year we added an Ice Cream Social down on the Wharf after the show. It was a great way to relax after a nice warm day.


Lastly, what is one thing you want for spectators to get from coming to Euro District?

That they went to a show where the organizers really cared that they had a great time. Will it ever be perfect? No. We haven't been to a perfect car show yet...but as long as we are doing this, we will make it the best that we can each and every year.

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Photos and words by Corbin Miranda 

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