Dub Empire Gets A New Ride!

Dub Empire Gets A New Ride!

As we get older, and take on more responsibilities, we come to an understanding that we need to get a car that is practical. But more importantly, it needs to be useful in our everyday life. So with that, I had to think of what my life consist of in regards to driving? Well there's the normal 9-5 day, driving to and from clients, and then Dub Empire 7 days a week with shows on the weekend. You may notice this all boils down to heavy driving miles, and needing space to transport product/miscellaneous items! So what would be the perfect car that can support my life, but most importantly Dub Empire? Well, what about a 2015 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen TDI. 

If you have been under a rock these past couple of years then you might of missed all the drama with Volkswagen, the EPA and the diesel gate scandal. The incident started in September of 2015 when Volkswagen was under investigation by the EPA of intentionally programming turbocharged direct injection (TDI) diesel engines to beat emissions testings, when in reality the vehicle performed below passing status.  

The idea of getting the TDI was a spur of the moment. I was surfing Facebook when I came across the news of TDI's finally being on sale. I quickly messaged some of our friends that work at dealerships and happened to find one at Lakeland Volkswagen. Once I got to the dealership and took one look at the wagon, I knew it had to join our stable. I didn't even test drive the car before all the paper work was done, that's how bad the urgency was. I have to thank Christina Lish and Bradley Frazier at Lakeland Volkswagen for taking care of us! 

Now what does the future hold for the Sportwagen? We've only had the car since late April and it's already racked up 5,000 miles. So needless to say it's being driven a lot, and will continue to be driven more in the near future. So far plans are to equip air suspension (sooner than later) with wheels following right after. This also means that with the extra room, we plan on attending more events outside of Florida. The car will be assembled with a European style approach (air/big wheels tucking all corners/giant brakes is another possibility) while maintaining the practicality of a daily driver. At the end of the day this car will allow Dub Empire to grow by attending even more events and meeting all of our followers. 

Photos and words by Alexander Martinez 


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