Built With Character - Nick's MK1 Caddy

Built With Character - Nick's MK1 Caddy

Nick started his journey into the Volkswagen scene with a MK3 Jetta. He beat that car up harder than any other car he has ever owned and has trusted the VW brand ever since.

When he picked up the truck it was pretty neglected. His plan from the start was to bring the truck back to life, just like it when it was built by original owner, Peter Bourque. While the exterior has remained untouched for the most part, Nick plans to clean it up a bit and make it more reliable while still driving about a quarter inch off the ground.

When it comes to the car scene, Nick is just here for the cars. No negativity, Nick is just trying to have a good time. He has met a lot of great people and considers some of them good friends. One thing that he doesn’t appreciate in the scene is when people bash someone else’s build for something like heavy camber or anything they call childish. Some people build cars based on egos and opinions of other people instead of doing things the way they like it.

Modification list includes 13" by 8" American Racing wheels, raised strut towers, frame horns. Control arms recessed into the floor. The floor is also raised up and rockers plated with quarter inch steel. Hood stack because the tunnel isn’t raised up enough to fit an exhaust under the car. Wiring harness is somewhat hidden and tucked away. There is no dashboard in the truck and the electronics inside are controlled by overhead switches. The truck also has a Rabbit rear bench seat. Coil-overs in the front, air-shocks in the rear to compensate for loads. The rear beam was narrowed five inches and the front was narrowed four inches to fit the super low offset wheels.

You can catch Nick and his MK1 pick-up at a few shows through the season. MK1 Madness on July 7th in Maple Grove Park, PA, FieldWerks on August 20th in Ludlow, MA and Staggered on October 8th in West Springfield. MA. Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos.

Full photo coverage: Click Here

Photos and words by Kevin Miller 


  • Styles

    Awesome build man props for doing you ??

  • Arran

    I lived in 3" off the deck land for a few month’s it takes steadfast dedication but has it’s rewards, at first glance i hated the rear cover, after 5 minutes i love it. Nice job mate ?

  • Fred

    Who did the fab work on this to get those wheels to fit !! Absolute madness who ever did that is a master

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