Air 2 Water 2018 - Orlando, FL

Air 2 Water 2018 - Orlando, FL

Ah, Orlando. It’s not a big city. Especially not when compared to others like NYC, LA, Miami, or Houston. It’s actually quite small. Orange Ave only spans maybe a a mile through downtown. But when it comes to the suburbs, we got that on lock. This all not to mention that we are a city that’s basically ran by a guy in a mouse costume. But like bigger cities, Orlando is home to a wide range of different communities and cultures. And when it comes to cars, well we’ve pretty much got everything you can think of. With that comes a very large and diverse car community. If it’s American Muscle, Classic European, Luxury, Exotic, NASCAR, ALMS, Straight Line, Time Attack, Low-rider, you name the community. You can find it down here.

Thankfully for us, Marc Beramsingh is a local to Orlando and part of the VAG community. You might know Marc. He appeared in VW’s tribute video that honored generations of the Jetta before previewing the new MK7 model. But that’s not all Marc is known for. He and his small group of volunteers are more so known here for putting on the Air 2 Water VW Show at Napleton Volkswagen.

Since the start of the first event back in February of 2016, we’ve seen the show grow exponentially. The amount of cars that filled Napleton’s lot year one to year 2 was very noticeable. But now for year three, the entire dealership is basically over run with an extensive range of VAG cars. In fact it’s grown so much that they even started a local VAG Night at Ace Cafè in downtown Orlando, presented by the Air 2 Water group. If you’ve attended one of those meets then you know how large they get. One does not simply take over the entire lot of Ace Cafè. But Marc does. The quality of cars that have always come to the show, and even the monthly meets, are absolutely stunning.

Myself and Senior Photograph Analyst, George Malioras, always find ourselves caught like a deer in headlights over the Aircooled Type321 guy’s cars. From early 60’s Beetles and Bus’ to some immaculate Beach Buggys. Of course the Water-Cooled cars are also in full force from MKI Polo’s to a Demo RS5 Sportback. Marc has somehow manage to pluck all of the hidden (at least to our eyes) community members and allow them to come out and enjoy an excellent local show. A show that everyone consistently comes back too.

There is an award portion of the show, but like most events that we got to it isn’t something we really pay much attention too. Reason being is because we like to appreciate the cars for what they are. What started as a pile of metal, became a production vehicle, withered by time, the brought back to life by these owners. That’s generally the majority, if not all, of the cars that attend this event. Built by owners who take serious pride in what they’ve accomplished. As they should.

All in all, Air 2 Water will always be a great show. And at this rate it’ll continue to thrive amongst local events here in Orlando. One that we’ll always look forward to attending. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Marc and his staff for putting on an excellent event as always. Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed one another’s company and allowed us to gaze upon your cars. Now if you don’t want to wait until next year for the following show, you can always attend one of the meets at Ace Cafè once a month.

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Words by Sean O'Connor

Photos by George Malioras


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