A Special MK3 Joins Our Family

A Special MK3 Joins Our Family

Well, spring time is almost upon us here in New England and everyone is getting giddy to get their cars out for the season. This year is unique for me, as it’s the first season I have a vehicle worth photographing. I recently purchased a Porcelain Blue 1998 Jetta with a 2.0l engine and 5 speed transmission. It is currently sitting on ABT A23 17x7.5 all around. It came with glass E-code headlights and was on H&R Coilovers when I first bought it. The mono-wiper on the car is a kit from 8380 that they used to sell installed by one of the previous owners. The 20 year old paint is holding up decently despite its age; it’s not perfect but it’s still looking good.

I’ve had a few weeks with the car to put some of the fun parts on. Some mention-able items are the Air Lift Performance suspension, blue turns and dummies, clear tail lights, vent visors and a blue Heckblend plate tub. Visually I don’t plan on changing much else for this year. She needs a little more maintenance to be a happy Volkswagen again, but is a very solid car to have a lot of fun with regardless.

I have a deep personal connection with Volkswagens, in particular MK3 Jettas. I was born in 1995, and the first car I have any conscious memories of riding in was my mother’s 1997 Jetta. Having lost my mother 6 years ago now, anything that reminds me of times with her brings me an incredible amount of comfort.

When I first looked at the car in person, I was astounded at how clean it looked for being 20 years old. The previous owner, Josh, told me a little about the cars history. I was interested to know as much as I could about the car so I reached out to the previous owners for more information.

Ethan from 8380 purchased the car from a certified pre-owned dealer in Pennsylvania back in 2002. In 2006 the car was featured in Performance Volkswagen Magazine. In 2008 he sold it to another enthusiast in NY. After that, one of the staff from Collective East was the owner before Josh.

Normally that amount of change in ownership is cause for concern. This car is an exception to this. For the age and mileage, I have no qualms with the vehicle after driving it a bit and getting to feel it out. Owning a modified vehicle for the first time is sure to be an experience. I’ll be sharing heavily on my Instagram as well as sharing plenty of content with Dub Empire. Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos!

Full photo album: Click Here

Words and photos by Kevin Miller


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