Worthersee 2016 - The Week Before

Worthersee 2016 - The Week Before

For years I have wanted to go to Worthersee, it has always been held on such a high horse in comparison to other shows, have you ever wondered why? If you have and you’ve asked someone who has been, their response will somewhat be likely to be along the lines of “It’s unreal, you have to experience it, you can’t really describe it, etc..”. Well as much as I thought these common responses are cliché, it is the honest truth. You will quite probably never experience another show similar (European Experience (RIP SoWo) or H2Oi being possible exceptions). There’s a constant vibe in the air in Worthersee and no it’s not the fumes of fuel and sounds of DSG at all hours getting to your head, it’s the fact that people have traveled from many different countries all over Europe to be there. A celebration of all things VAG and European being enjoyed by people of so many different nationalities.

During our trip out there, we left on the Friday morning, caught the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk then powered on through mainland Europe. Passing through France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and eventually arriving in Austria. Our convoy got lost in Belgium then eventually we lost everyone due to having to continuously stop and check our timing belt as it was put on too tight so it was shredding through its teeth. Eventually we decided to stop (at midnight) in a closed petrol station on the side of the motorway somewhere in the Netherlands to change it. The moment we jacked the car up and took a wheel off we see headlights coming into the garage, along with ‘W See’ in scene tape on the bonnets. They belonged to a group of guys from Belgium who were on their way through, after talking with them we told them what was up and they offered to help. In which they stayed with us for a few hours until it the time belt was changed and on properly. Then we decided for the sake of the MK1 to take it steady but to travel through the night to catch up with the rest of our convoy. Until at some time around 4 am we left the petrol cap at a station on the autobahn, to which we pulled over on the side of the motorway and I ran half a mile along the motorway back to the petrol station to fetch it (thank god it was still there). After that we didn’t have any problems and made it to Lake Faaker See.

After eventually getting some sleep and some real food. I decided to check out the GTI car park (turbo Kurve) which was just across the road from our hotel. I was immediately astounded by everything that was there. I feel that the Europeans really put some top effort in with their cars.

A few things that I took away from my many trips to the GTI cap park was: a new found love for B3’s, somewhat confused about Europeans widening only the front arches and respect for how low some people are static out there.

Also while there we visited the UK meet which was shortly overrun by many Germans and Austrians, but it was cool to see all the guys that had made the 1000 mile plus travel from the UK.

Somehow among the chaos I managed to fit a few photo-shoots with Brad’s MK2 Jetta, Alex’s A1, Andre’s MK2 Polo and a VW Brazillia.

As many of you will already know there was snow this year, and well I must say we had some fun with it as well as getting creative for some shoots.

Overall the Worthersee experience is a great one, and I cannot urge people more to go at least once you witness it for yourselves. Just my advice would be to take a car (make sure that you’re careful to not be fined by the Austrian Police, I’ll spear you the horrors that some of our group got), or to hire one as most of what is Worthersee is based around Four main locations that are a little distance from each other.

A big thank you to Joey Gordon for organizing our trip, Corbyn Dickerson for taking me out there in the MK1 and Jack Dee for bringing me home. Thanks to anyone who I met at there as you guys made the trip awesome. Now back to preparing my car for Worthersee 2020…

To view full photo coverage visit our Flickr album here!

Photos and words by Samm Smith 


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