Trailer Queen - Alviz's MK4 GTI

Trailer Queen - Alviz's MK4 GTI

We spent some time with Alviz and had the opportunity to learn more about him and his car. We asked him, what made you get into Volkswagen and the European car scene in general?

The people in the Euro community did, they care more about me and anyone else more than they do about our cars. That’s something that the JDM scene lacks in, in my opinion. The people tend to like what you own, rather than your individual personality.

Give us a bit of history on the car:

We purchased the car as a shell with no motor, interior, bumpers or wheels. It was originally a project car for my wife, but we hit hard times. My wife was involved in a bad accident in our first MK4 GTI that we built together. The car was totaled, but thankfully it did its job and protected her life. That’s when her project became a race against time. We needed to have a running car for me to drive to work and back. So we transformed the project car into a daily driver, and eventually it became what it is now. We built the trailer from the bones of our very first MK4. We bought the car together, so we had a connection to it. And after many years of hanging on, she came up with the idea of turning it into a trailer. So we kept it in the family.

Now lets get a little personal, tell us a little bit about yourself and your car: 

I am all about giving back and paying it forward. I believe in giving and not asking for anything in return. That in itself is reward enough. I love to help anyone and everyone, especially those in need. My process led me to create my own YouTube channel and make DIY videos for auto repair. Working on cars is my way of blowing off steam or finding my happy place when things go wrong. I am also a huge computer/gaming geek; and I love to build model cars and figures as well.

What do they like most about the community and what do they dislike?

What I like more about the community is that, the community is more about the people and less about the cars. What I dislike is that we are getting away from the people and more about the cars.

Modification list:

Engine Bay: IE Rods, IE timing components, FrankenTurbo F23 turbo kit, 550cc injectors, Tuned by GIAC, Neuspeed front mount inter-cooler, Forge diverter valve, manual boost controller, ECS tuning stage 2 clutch, Neuspeed short shifter, VF Engineering motor mounts.

Suspension: Airlift V2 Slam XL suspension, rear IDF drop plates, polyurethane control arm bushings, and rear 28mm sway bar.

Interior: Cipher racing bucket seats w/ Corbeau harnesses, Custom headliner, MK6 GTI steering wheel

Exterior: Painted Alpine White, R32 front bumper with European R32 fogs, Cupra R lip, R Line Rear bumper, 20th Anniversary Edition side skirts, 18" Copper Plated Alphard’s, Custom MK4 GTI trailer on air suspension.

Alviz would like to give a HUGE shout out to his wife Karlene, for letting him do his thing. And also, thanks to his family, Friends of Fast, for always being there for each other!

To view full photo album visit our Flickr album here!

Photos and words by Diego Bautista

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  • Dustin R.

    This is sooo beautiful literally my goal and dreams one day I love these cars with an absolute passion! Hopefully my vrt will be done soon so I can start on the trailer portion!

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