New England Dustoff 2016 - Thompson, Connecticut

New England Dustoff 2016 - Thompson, Connecticut

Spring is in the air and nice weather is supposed to be headed our way here in the north east, and that can only mean one thing, the coming of a new car season. Since I have decided to pursue car photography I have heard of New England Dustoff from other enthusiasts but have never attended. Seeing the pictures from previous years I knew I had to make my way out there for myself. This was the year that everything lined up for me and I was able to make the drive with a friend of mine.

The hills on the back-roads of Connecticut are not friendly to a Toyota Corolla with almost two-hundred-thousand miles on it. We were worried for a little while but we made it safely thankfully. When you arrive at the show, the Thompson Motor Speedway staff are helpful in sorting show cars and spectators at the gates. My friend and I proceeded our walk up to the show grounds taking a few pictures of the traffic coming in. The Dustoff staff themselves were very organized in how they kept the line moving right along parking everyone in there respective places.

The turnout for this event was bigger than I anticipated with the weather being dreary and also being a Volkswagen Audi exclusive show. I wish I had stuck around for awards, but I had studying to do with finals week looming for those of us in college. Despite the weather this show was one of the best shows I have gone to in the area. It is definitely on my list of shows to return to for as long as I am a resident in New England. Huge thank you to the entire New England Dustoff staff for organizing such an enjoyable event.

This being my first time attending the show and having to leave before awards, I felt like the article was lacking a bit. I decided to do some in house polling with other members of staff from Dub Empire. Over the course of the day I took a decent amount of engine bay shots, all of which are clean, but I wanted to get a top 5 together. So here are Dub Empire’s top five engine bays from New England Dustoff 2016. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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Photos by Henry Gomez and Kevin Miller

Words by Kevin Miller 

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  • Tom Whitaker

    Glad you enjoyed the show. Nice job on the coverage and hope you make it back next year.

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