Raspberry Rocket - Nick's MK6 GLI

Raspberry Rocket - Nick's MK6 GLI

You always wonder what happens to cars after you see them for the first time at a car show and after that day you think that will be the last of them you will see. That was the case with Nick's MK6 GLI. The last I saw of Nick's GLI was last year at a local show where it was sitting on cast wheels, air-ride and the stock deep black pearl color, pure OEM +. Now we fast forward a year later and you can say Nick got him self a new car but in reality he put in some hard work and created his dream car. 

We caught up with Nick at the Auto Combine event in Jacksonville, where Nick calls home. The moment I laid my eyes on his car I was left in awe, first because of the quality work put into the car it self but also how much it has changed with in one year. 

So what made Nick get into the Volkswagen community? Here are some words from himself:

"I was always told that I had a European style when it came to modifying cars. Even when I (regretfully) broke multiple Honda's before finally buying a Volkswagen. I also like the quality and history behind German engineering. Last but not least, the European car culture is filled with high quality builds; from full blown race cars to top notch VIP style builds.

Nick bought the GLI as his "grown up" daily driver car but as we know, that doesn't last long for us car enthusiast. One month later he installed air-ride and cast wheels. Still yet he felt his car was missing something, so he did a complete color change, custom WCI LP1 wheels, a complete custom trunk set up to showcase his air-ride system and mind you it's APR Stage 2 for some go fast fun!

What does Nick think about the community? Let's ask him!

"The history of the culture is definitely my favorite. Meeting true European enthusiasts is the best. I have met some of my best friends since building my Volkswagen. Although I can't say that there's too many things I don't like about the "scene" other than people who's heads are bigger than their wheel size!"

Nick would like to give his first and biggest thanks to his girlfriend Stephanie. She's the back bone to this build and also for supporting all the hectic requests he had while he was over seas. His second biggest thanks goes out to Malihini Customs, more specifically the owner, Chris. He's always had his back whenever his air-ride would "act up" and coming to the rescue when needed. He is also the master mind/artist of trunk setup you see in Nick's GLI.  And his last shout outs would go to Last Place Co, TrendsetterzCrew and Water Cooled Ind.

Personal note from Nick:

"I would like to give a big thanks to Dub Empire for letting me booth my car for them at the 2016 Auto Combine hosted by Funk Fashion. Not only was this the first big show I took my car to after changing everything, but the first time I have been a booth car. So I'll never forget it. Especially since Alex saw my car in a, let's just say, less than functional form jacked up in the middle of a show. Thanks to everyone at Dub Empire!"

To view full photo album visit our Flickr album here!

Photos by Tyler Nelson

Words by Alexander Martinez


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