Air 2 Water - Orlando, Florida

Air 2 Water - Orlando, Florida

It's the home town people that we share some of the biggest bonds with. People that we met when we first got into the game. It's those folks that are the most common thing to family that we have. No matter how much time passes, the day we see one another again its as if not a day has passed by. One of our home town hero's, Marc Beramsingh, decided it was time to put his own spin on a Volkswagen event. The location was set at Napelton Volkswagen of Orlando, deep in the heart of East Orlando, our original stomping grounds and boy did the locals show out with top notch cars, along with many personality's that are hard to forget. Here's our rundown of the Air 2 Water Show.

What better day to have an event on a Sunday? Especially here in Florida in the middle of February, where the weather is warm and breeze is cool. Mix that with a setting where every and anyone can attend, along with some high quality cars, and you've got yourself a damn good cocktail. The man running the show is an OG in regards to the community members here in Orlando. Marc has been skating through Orlando for a number of years in his MKIII Jetta. He and the car are well known around town within the community, not to mention just how humble Marc is as a person. Ever since my first VW back in 08', Marc has always been there for knowledge and advice. When I first heard he was throwing on an event, I knew I had to attend. Especially for the fact that the event would be held at a VW dealership where the entire lot and showroom would be filled with cars that were not for sale.

The show began around 10am. By the time I arrived from my trek heading out of Altamonte Springs, a good majority of the lot had been filled. I was first greeted by another OG hailing from the Syndicate group, sir John Hanna. You may know Hanna because of his bonkers Silver Arrow GTI on BBS LM's a few years back. The man is about quality and sticking true to the roots of the community. Something we simply cannot argue with. After greeting me in his very southern fashion, I proceeded to park with the other MK7's on the lot. Yes, each class of vehicle was parked with others within the same year and body style. From Scirocco's to Corrado's, MKI's all the way to MK7's, and the prestine Air Cooled cars holding down the showroom. There was literally something for everyone to feast there eyes upon. Although I'm mainly an Water Cooled man myself, the Air Cooled's deserved every bit of respect. From Raul Perez and Tony Marlow's Beetles, to all the folks with the AriCooled321 group. Within Orlando, its damn near impossible to top these guys and gals. The Water Cooled folks were also out in full force. From long time local legend Ray and his  Fox,  Tommy Williams and his MKIV 20th Anniversary GTI and it's immaculate interior, down to Rushil Pats with his MKII VR6 RHD Golf that was freshly brought in from England only a night before. Welcome to Orlando Rushil! A lot of us couldn't help but be attracted to the car, as well as the decent sized turbo hiding in the bay as well.

Now bear in mind this is a show with awards. Something not to many first year events do nowadays. But Marc wanted it to feel authentic and give credit where its due. Each class carried an award. The thing we loved the most was the fact that the winning vehicles/owners were chosen by children from the Nemours Childrens Hospital. All of the proceeds from the event went back to the hospital. We cannot thank Marc enough for taking the time and patience to throw on such an awesome event here in Orlando. We also want to thank all of the staff for their hard work and dedication! As we said before leaving the event, "PLEASE MAKE THIS ANNUAL!"

Photos by George Malioras

Words by Sean O'Connor 


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