Resto Mod - Corbyn's MK1 Golf

Resto Mod - Corbyn's MK1 Golf

This story would start in the most common way, as to how you found out about a particular build: I had seen it on Instagram. Found in a picture parked next to Sam Wookey's MK1 Polo. I didn't manage to track Corbyn Dickason down till Low Collective, unfortunately it began to rain at that show so we caught up with him again at Players 9. So let's talk to Corbyn to find out more about his simply breathtaking MK1 restoration project.

Q:So first off, what was it that got you into Volkswagen's?

A: It's a hard question, one I had to think long and hard about but I'd say trolling through the internet was what really got me into Volkswagen's and German cars. Watching videos on YouTube was a big thing, I'd spend hours watching videos most nights. Before I knew it I was looking for my first car. A lot of my friends weren't into cars, and without the friends I've met along the way i wouldn't be where I am now.

Q:I'd say that's probably the same story for many off us, I can definitely remember the first SoWo video I came across. As show season is over and we're already quickly approaching the next, what do you think the best bits of the 2015 show season were?

A: I ended up missing a lot of shows this year due to building the MK1 and putting it all back together, I hit quite a few setbacks. Without the help of a friend (Darren, and a big thanks to him) I probably wouldn't of made any shows! Edition38 was always my favorite UK show along with players classic, both were great! I checked out a few new shows this year I'd never been too before. Both Dub Fiction and Low Collective, both of which I ended up coming away with my first ever prizes which I was very pleasantly surprised about! There shows were great and I'll be going back in 2016! The weather this year has put a downer on a lot of shows, but i had just as much fun.

Q: I think I'd agree with you their, Players Classic was phenomenal as well as Low Collective. This is something that I always have to ask people because I'm always unsure on how to say it but how would you describe the UK scene to our American readers?

A: When I see footage of SoWo and other shows in the USA, I'm always mesmerized as to how different it looks. I'd say in the UK scene you get a split of people. Some people take it far too seriously and seem to do things to try and impress others, other people do things to deliberately annoy other people and create a stir (in a good way) and then there's others that do it for the love of it. I'm fairly sure it's the same situation over the pond. It's a lot more ideal being on a small island because you don't have to travel far at all to reach every show in the country!

Q: Now there must be something that fueled you to completely restore your MK1, so what was your inspiration?

A: I always enjoyed MK1's, they were within price range for me, there's so many things you can do, so many options and always work to be done. Joe Tavella's R32 powered MK1, Unix Performance's MK1 and Phil Ceulemans MK1 are all big inspirations of mine. My main inspiration for my plans this winter came from Worthersee in Austria this year. The quality of cars and atmosphere is insane, I'd encourage all the US readers to hop on a plane and give it a go!

Well I'm going to give Worthersee a go this year myself as everyone has always talked so highly about the atmosphere and scene out their! Personally I think Corbyn's MK1 was one of my cars of the year for 2015. Hope everyone had a good holiday season, hope to see you guys at the first show of 2016!


Car: 1982 Volkswagen Golf -Full restoration early 2015, resprayed in Manila Green included under the car.

Engine: Polo GT engine conversion, converted to Twin Dellorto carbs, MK2 Golf ignition system, 4-2-1 Manifold and custom exhaust.

Exterior: Opening quarter windows, all red rear brake lights, all new bumpers, grill, lights, trim etc.

Interior: Standard interior with Wolfsburg steering wheel and rear window blind.

Chassis: BBS E75 magnesium custom face mounted splits, Ta-Technix coilovers, Audi 80 front brake conversion.

Photos and words by Samm Smith


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