Back to the Base - Eric's MK3 Cabrio

Back to the Base - Eric's MK3 Cabrio

As you may have noticed with the previous two car features, the European/VW community is alive and well in Puerto Rico. The community is what we aspire ours to be, a family full of characters willing to lend a helping hand no matter the situation. The island is filled with like minded people and enthusiasts. Maybe it's because its such a small island or maybe its that Caribbean mentality that out of many people, we are one (yes I know that's Jamaica's slogan but its so true for the rest of the islands and its people. With that said how about we get into our final installment of our articles originating out of Puerto Rico. This final article will be no different from the other two, praising an enthusiast who has dedicated his time (not to mention money) into rebuilding a MKIII. Everyone, please meet Eric Rojas and his MKIII Cabrio.

Like all enthusiasts, there was an event, a person of significance, or a long history of the vehicles that fulled the passion of wanting to own one. For Eric it all started in high school. It was dreams of owning a Ginster GTI that brought Eric to the dark side. After being involved in an accident in his first year of college, the dreams came true. After beginning the search for another car, he came across a Ginster. And what an opportunity, to be looking for a new car and just happen to run across the car of your dreams in your price range. It's like an enthusiasts Cinderella story, your fairy VW god father bringing you a shiny new GTI. And thus, the passion began.

Ah but not all fairy tails are meant to be true, or are they? Sadly enough Eric ended up selling the GTI. But in it's ashes rose another MKIII. One that not to many people happen to build or take time with. One that is a dark horse among the Jetta and GTI, it has been known as the Cabrio. Now the newest edition to Eric's stable had originally belonged to someone that you all may be familiar with. Some call him Green Bean, but you may know him as Hector Mendez. Now there was some work was done by Hector before selling the car. It had been sitting in a garage while the engine bay was being built. It was when Hector was moving to Florida that he offered the car to Eric along with a VR6, 3.5 Cabrio dash, and other miscellaneous parts.

As soon as Eric got his hands on the car he began a journey of painting the cross member, powder coating plates, and having custom brake lines made in association with his buddy Yeyo. This then lead to the purchase of a set of BBS RS', which to our understanding did not make their way onto the car. The car actually sat for quite a minute that way, that was until one faithful day scrolling through social media. It was a set of Rotiform IND's that caught Eric's eye, a set out of Florida at that. The owner a Jacksonville native, Mr. Sean Landregan. this began a mad dash to sell the RS and acquire the new set of glass shoes. With some help from Jerome Cruz making the trip to pick up the wheels for Eric, they quickly found their way home to Puerto Rico. It was this wheels, the final piece to the puzzle, that fueled Eric to finish this project. That and his girlfriend Estefania (praise these women who stand by us through our builds). It was 2 years before the Cabrio was completed to where it is today. A culmination of an abundance of love, time, money, and heart/soul that went into making the car what it is today.

According to Eric its the community in PR that keeps him going. It's enthusiasts that in time have become a family. And although the community is very strong in PR, Eric would like to see more people more effort in the builds and vendors. Which, lets be honest, is a gripe that we all have with the way things are going these days. People have lost that passion, that sense of creativity, the wanting of being more than whats on social media and simply being famous. Luckily enough, that flare still lives on with the enthusiast coming out of PR.

So, what events are Señor Rojas looking forward to attending? Well as mentioned in the previous article, EuroCrewPR are hosting their Show and Dyno event later this year. Eric also plans on attending 'The Finest' another event held on the island. Last, but certainly not least, we hope to see Eric at FixxFest this year in Bradenton, FL.

As always we wonder what the future holds, not only for the car but also for the enthusiast. Eric says the car may receive a color change, but then again he may even buy back his old Ginster (so we hope!). Eric would like to give thanks to all those who have helped him the with build; God, his girlfriend Estefania, his parents, Mr. Green Bean himself, Yeyo for the custom break lines and system, Jerome for helping deliver the IND's, Vidal from EATMotorsports for the customer stainless intake, Forge, Carlos, Tropimillosociety, Gaby, Gabriel for the photos, Willy Paint and many more for all of the help and support. Remember folks, we want nothing more than to make you and your hard work made aware of. Never stop being enthusiasts, never stop being part of an ever growing community, never stop believing in being something other than the normal. Until next time folks!

Here is a full spec mod list of the work done to Eric's Cabrio:

  • AirLift V2 Managment
  • Rotiform IND 3 piece F: 16x9 / R: 16x9.5
  • Toyo Proxes
  • Customer red Interior
  • Polo Steering Wheel
  • 3.5 Cabrio Dashboard
  • 12V VR6
  • Custom Stainless Steel Intake by EATMotorsport
  • Custom Brake Line System
  • Vento Grill
  • Jetta Front End
  • Forge Billet Valve
  • Votex Foglights

Photos by Gabriel Rodriguez 

Words by Sean O'Connor 



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