Treffen South 2015 - Atlanta, Georgia

Treffen South 2015 - Atlanta, Georgia

Does anyone remember how shows use to be; what do I mean by that? What I mean, is do you remember when a VAG car event used to be all about the community, all about the family, where you felt relaxed, everyone was friendly, and you could talk to everyone without caring about how many followers you have on your Instagram. Well Treffen South was just that, an event where the make/model is strictly VAG (including vendors) and it was all about OUR community.

Treffen South is an event put on by Kip Love from Loves Trim and Jon Hanna, including their great team. When I reached out to Jon about attending this event, Jon welcomed Dub Empire with open arms and told me what he was after with Treffen South. The motto and the message that Jon created with Treffen South is what Dub Empire believes in and strives to push in the community. Our community, or what others call "scene", has changed over the years. Gone are the days where we were all just enthusiast brought together by a common bond with a vehicle we genuinely loved. No, it has become more important about what you drive and how famous the internet can make you. Thankfully this event brought back a bond that enthusiast used to, and still do with the right mind set, embrace.

What I loved most about this event was being in the midst of high quality cars and the amount of work being put into each individual car. At a certain point you stop and wonder, "hmm I bet every owner of these cars wouldn't talk to anyone or are too cocky that you just rather not talk to them". That was not the case, as I walked around I could see the owners of the cars talking to others and answer any question anyone had, or were just straight up having a civil conversation.

The event started bright and early (9AM to be exact) which made for some awesome photos with the sun rising. It was also a great time to catch up with some friends that I either see a couple times back home or some that I only see at car shows. What I love about seeing these friends only at car shows, our friendship never changes because we don't see each other every weekend.

Just before heading to Atlanta we ran into a problem where we did not have a booth car, but luckily for us we were able to find Alec with his beautiful MK4 GTI with the help from our great friends. Alec's MK4 is not your plain MK4 GTI. Paint is a custom mix from House of Kolor, a boser hood to give it that mean front end. Every inch of the interior has been redone, while sitting on CCW LM5. Oh and you may ask why I keep saying GTI and not R32. Well while it may look like an R32, this car actually started it's life as a GTI.

One car I felt in love with was Heather's MK2 Golf. This is a car that I have been watching since the beginning stages of its build.

Something I'm sure that everyone who attended this event noticed was the high amount of well built MK2's that attended. Glenn's MK2 with a R32 motor caught our eye, looking beautiful sitting on CCW Classics.

Bynum Builds brought two of their best builds, one being a Mopar inspired MK2 GTI and a right hand drive MK3 Golf Harlequin. If you haven't heard the name Bynum Build then I would suggest to learn it quick as Jeff and his father have been creating the best Volkswagens for many years now.

How often do you see a MK1 Golf that looks like it just came out of the dealership lot?

JK Automotive showed up with their MK5 Jetta with a complete custom trailer hooked to the back, definitely one of our favorites.

Awesome trophies were also given out, some glass mugs and skateboard decks were also given. One of the trophies given out was the Bynum Build Award, where Bynum Build picked their Best Of. To get this award is an honor as the name Bynum Build is well known in the community. Pat took the Bynum Build Award with his amazing MK3 GTI built by SLAW and Pat himself.

Just as the event was wrapping up, two RWB Porsche 993's decided to join the party. Once parked, a flock of people crowed around them making it hard to take a photo. But we don't blame them, not often you see a RWB Porsche or TWO (and how cool was that, to say you saw two of something that some people have never seen).

All in all, it was an excellent event that we highly look forward to attending again in the future. It reminded us in a sense of what we used to be. A community that comes together over a common bond, common ideals, a common outlook on what the community should be. Treffen South was/is the idea we have for the community. To bring back life into the community. Sure people are "building" cars (and we use that term loosely), but what about building a car not for the fame. What about being an actual part of community and attending small homegrown events. What happened to going back to the roots of where it began for all of us. We need to bring the community back to what it was. We want to remind everyone that no matter how much you blow up, remember where it all started. Remember the people. Remember the builds that made you fall in love with a car. Remember the community. Thank you to all who came out to the event and supported not only ourselves, but also the Treffen South family. Thank you to Treffen South for allowing us to participate in one of the most memorable events we've been to this year.

Photos and words by Alexander Martinez


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