The Porcelain Trooper - Eric's MK3 GTI

The Porcelain Trooper - Eric's MK3 GTI

If you haven't noticed by now, the 3,500 square mile island of Puerto Rico is home to some serious Volkswagens and enthusiasts. From exquisitely built water-cooled late models to pristine early model air-cooled cars. But the one thing about the community in PR, that we aspire to have here stateside, is the brotherhood like bond that exist throughout the island. It doesn't matter whether or not you have an air-cooled car or water-cooled, you're considered part of a family. That family like bond does emanate from those who make the jump to the mainland, but it's nothing compared to the atmosphere of being on the island. And for the course of the next week or two we will be featuring cars and enthusiasts from the island. Without further a due let us introduce our first article on one of the more outgoing faces in the community, Mr. Eric Agosto.

 Some say he can be mistaken for a thorough bread horse. Others say he is from a galaxy far far away in a time long long ago. All we know is, his Porcelain Blue GTI speaks words for itself. From the paint which captivates the eyes of anyone who so looks its way. To the CCW Classics that are sure to make King Midas ask himself, "why did I not choose to polish everything instead?" Eric's MKIII GTI speaks for itself at the end of the day. It's a car that is so simple, yet it grabs attention at the same time.

I for one have a strong love for this car being a Porcelain owner myself. It's always nice to see others who own the same car take a different approach to their build. And of course the one piece that brings joy to my eyes, the Hella Magic Blue taillights. It's the one part that evokes an entire generation of enthusiasts, and those who are hoarders of MKIII parts.

But on to the real reason why we are writing this article. Of course we love the cars we feature, but it's the people who build them and bring out their personality in the cars that makes us want to write. Eric is no exception to the rule. He's outgoing, funny as hell, and has a damn good sense of what looks good when it comes to MKIII's. As a kid it was the old air-cooled beetles that made his imagination run wild.

Funny enough, a VW was not his first car. It was actually a Toyota Tercel, a car that is widely found around the island and the majority of the Caribbean. After watching many SoWo and H2Oi videos, it began a passion in Eric to make the Toyota look European in a sense. This then lead to the purchase and build of a 96' Golf GTI. Needless to say, we have ended up where we are today. As Eric states, "It's a passion that can't be explained. You just have to live it."

That one statement is true amongst all VW owners/enthusiasts. I for one know that when I am asked, "Why do you own/like VW's?". It's a hard question to answer. It's something about the car, the way it makes you feel, the smile on your face as you drive, the struggle of breaking things but the gratification of putting it back together. It's something that most of people simply wouldn't understand unless they have owned or driven a VW. Something which Eric knows very well.

Seeing how Eric has previously attended SoWo, #8 to be exact, we asked him what differences he saw within our builds versus those in PR. He states, "Its almost the same. But the one difference is the way they build cars in PR. Few people seem to take their time and actually do it right." Which if you think about it, is very similar to the states. Sure at a show you'll see some seriously well built cars. But at your local meet the quality can be somewhat, lacking. Which can be true of any location really. Luckily, Eric is not one who is known to cut corners.

So, what all is done to the Porcelain you ask? Well, not much actually. Aside from the Technix coilovers, the 16x8.5 and 9 CCW Classics, a Borla Exhaust, as well as some seriously sought after Kamei bumper ducts and the Hella Magic tails. That's really about it at this time.

But its not always about having the most rare or the most expensive parts on the car. Sometimes having less really is having more. Then to top it off with having a great attitude and being a humble person, what more could you ask for? It's the definition of being an enthusiast and a part of the community. And for that, we thank Eric.

If you happen to be in PR this coming October, make sure to see Eric as he assists with the Cayey Volk Show. Probably one of the biggest VW events that is held on the island. But if you don't happen to be in PR at that time, fear not, as you may have chance of meeting Eric at this years Simply Clean 7 held at Destination Daytona in Daytona Beach, FL. As for the future of the car, Eric hopes to be able to put the car on air and start sorting out the interior. Make sure to stay tuned as I'm sure we'll have more coverage in the future!

Eric would like to thank Gabriel Rodriguez for the photos, all the guys from CEC and EuroCrewPR for always being there for him, and last but certainly not least to all the family from Florida! We would like to thank Eric for giving us the opportunity to feature his simple yet clean GTI. But also the feature who he is and make sure you, the community, see his hard work. Make sure to stay tuned this week for more features from PR!

Photos by Gabriel Rodriguez

Words by Sean O'Connor 

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