Nu-Heights - Joe's Mk6 Golf R

Nu-Heights - Joe's Mk6 Golf R

For many of us, there’s just something about nu-wave metal. Whether it’s the modern styling, unexplored territory  or just the chance to fit a big set of wheels and bags. It’s an awesome opportunity to get the chance at being unique, but its also trend setting when it comes to being the first to modify a new car. And as Joe found out, that can be quite fun yet a headache of a process.

This build started off as a 2010 MK6 R and in just shy of 18 months it is where it is today, and its had quite a lot done to it in such a short time! So after seeing Joe at a few local meets and marveling at how awesome he’d made the MK6, we decided to catch up with Joe after hanging with him at a few events and ask him about his experience with the MK6.

Q: So to start things off really, how did you get into VW’s and what made you choose a MK6?

A: “Well I’ve always loved cars and at the time the VW scene seemed to be a good one to get into. As for choosing the MK6, I’ve always liked them and they weren’t so popular when I got mine”

Q: Our readers are mostly from the US, so I have to ask what’s your opinion on the UK and the US scene?

A: “In my honest opinion the US scene seems to be a lot more my sort of thing. Over here in the UK it does seem to be all about who has the best sponsors and who gets the most stuff for free unfortunately”.

One of the build’s major feets was being the first MK6 R in the UK to be running on working Accuair E-Level. We asked Joe what it was like to build a nu-wave car. “Basically it’s nice because you can style it to how you want it to be, you don’t need to follow others guidelines”, Joe states.

Q: But when it comes to not having those guidelines there, and being one of the first to be innovative, what’s it like to then have people use your build as a guideline?

A: “Yeah it’s nice, the car gets a lot of attention everywhere and I get contacted a lot for advice, where to get parts etc…”

Q: What made you choose Vossen’s?

A: “I’ve always loved Vossen’s products! What made me choose the VLE 1’s was watching them getting released, as soon as I saw them I wanted them! But I never knew I’d get the chance to actually have a set! I’ve got the thank Prestige Wheel Centre for that one!”

Q: So being a self-confessed wheel whore and going through X amount of wheels, are there any others that you’d swap for the VLE1’s?

A: “There is, I look every night at wheels and get contacted to run other companies wheels.”

Q: It is fascinating that you can fit 20 x 9’s under those arches and still have clearance. The tuck look is gaining a lot of momentum here in the UK mainly because of the police cracking down on poke, what made you choose to tuck rather than poke out some smaller wheels?

A: “In the ideal world tuck is just a safer option. Especially on air, if the bag bursts then at least you won’t smash you’re arches off or damage your car”.

Q: And finally do you have any future plans as it goes for the MK6?

A: “As for future plans, just enjoy it really. Possibly break the car at the end of the year and move on! I always like to change things up and think there isn’t much more I think I’d want to do that could improve it. But saying that, only time will tell”.

So about the car itself:


2010 Golf R with DSG in a custom blue.


Stage 2 Revo, stage 2 Revo DSG, ITG Maxogen Intake, Full BCS Automotive boost activated exhaust (custom race version).


Napa leather grey Recaro CS seats with alcantara backs, seamless tank (gold), Gold Maq Racing rear bolt in cage, Plush Automotive install (including seats), Carbon interior trim, Carbon DSG extended paddles, Kenwood headunit.


Carbon mirrors, Carbon side slats, Carbon front splitter, Carbon rear diffuser, Carbon rear spoiler, Smoothed front bumper, SRS Tec front arches, Custom wide rear arches and bumper.


Airlift struts, Accuair E-level management, Vossen VLE-1 20 x 9 all round

Joe would like to thank Obsessive Detail UK for sponsoring him, Plush Automotive for sorting out the mess of an air install someone had done prior, and also thanks to Vossen wheels!

Photos and words by Samm Smith



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