Flower Power Exhibition 2015 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Flower Power Exhibition 2015 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

If there’s one place in the world that I cannot stand to go, it’s the mall. I don’t know whats worse; the people who are loud as hell and bump into you without saying a word, or the fact that it’s usually chalk full of people with lines that extend to Egypt. The only somewhat good thing of going to malls is going to the really fancy ones that advertise an Aston Martin in front of the Yves St. Laurent stores. Such a shame when the salesmen tells you to move along knowing full well an Aston isn’t in your future while wearing some joggers, a shirt from PacSun, and a pair of VANS. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could walk inside the same mall and see an entire store filled with cars you could afford? (and by that I mean VW’s of course)

Not only that though, image if they were bagged or static while also sporting a set of choice wheels. Or maybe the interior is what caught your eye, a fine set of mint Recaro seats from a MKII GTI/GLI perhaps. I’d fine the nearest sales associate and promptly tell them to, “ring eem up!”. But now image that it’s real, minus the whole buying the cars with the parts fitted. No imagine a car show that takes place inside of one of the biggest shopping malls in the country, only to showcase VW’s. Well if you live in Puerto Rico, that's a reality folks.

The aptly named event known as Flower Power Exhibition has been going on for quite a while now in PR, and the most recent event was numero six. I know what you’re thinking, why in gods name do we not have something similar to this in my city. I’ve been asking myself the same question after seeing photos arise from this years event, and some of the other events in the past. I must say the quality of the cars that attend can rival that of MANY European automotive shows that are held here in the states and even in Europe.

Eric Rojas' beautiful MKIII Cabrio, with a complete custom interior, complete shaved bay, sitting on Rotiform 3 piece IND'.

Gabriel Gonzalez stunning MKII GTI VR6.

Gabriel Gonzalez stunning MKII GTI VR6.

Obviously PR is not as big as many of our states or countries, however it’s amazing to see that one of the biggest malls on the island simply wants to put on an event like this. Selecting some of the most OEM classic Air-Cooled cars all the way down to newer bagged or static MKVI generation VW’s. The biggest thing that we can appreciate, besides showcasing some of the most exquisite cars, is that it’s also a celebration to the Volkswagen Community as it is very prominent in PR. You may have even seen pictures in the past, if you go through the vast archives on VWVortex, on the MKIII picture thread of one of our friends Hector Ramirez and his old MKIII Golf inside the mall! Imagine after getting that Starbucks coffee, latte, espresso, or whatever else it is you addicts get, then cruising the mall only to window shop at some mental VW’s. I can’t tell you how much we’d love to attend one of these events, or even host one ourselves!

Photos by Gabriel Rodriguez

Words by Sean O'Connor 


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