Classico - Sam's MK1 Polo

Classico - Sam's MK1 Polo

This love affair of mine starts back from one day walking out of school and seeing this beautiful green lump of late 70’s metal parked up outside. I then didn’t see this car for another 18 months…but when I did, it was amazing to see it again. Now I know a lot of people will be reading this and wondering exactly what it is? Well this is the Golf’s little brother, the Polo. First made back in 1975, it also included a twin version: The Audi 50. Both being rare back then, and even more rare now.

This little lovely example of a MK1 Polo began its journey with Sam around 2 years ago, after buying it from its 3rd owner. He found out the original owner had it for years but turned blind and therefore couldn’t drive it so it was stored for years with only 4 thousand miles on the clock. Due to a lack of funds he didn’t get to work right away but he was persistent in order in making his dreams come true.

Eventually once he earned enough it was lowered on TA Technix coilovers and sat on some 13x7 ATS Classics. Then the restoration began as he replaced the front wings and tidied the rest of the car up and then had it re-sprayed in the original colour: Lida Green. The rest of the car is mostly standard as he didn’t want to mess with the beauty that came out of the factory back in 1975. Although he has added a few tasteful period correct things such as a Mountney wheel and a Ghia center console basket.

I’ve fell in love with this car over and over again because of how perfect Sam has managed to get it in such a short time, and I personally don’t think it needs anything changed at all. Although I’m sure Sam has some more plans up his sleeves over winter.

You can find Sam Wookey over on Instagram: @s_wookey

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Photos and words by Samm Smith 




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