FixxFest 11 - Bradenton, Florida

FixxFest 11 - Bradenton, Florida

Once a year in late November the group from UroTuning gathers all of us in Bradenton Motorsports Park for an event called FixxFest, already in its eleventh year its one of the few events in Florida that gathers the european community and lets everyone showcase their builds they have been working throughout the year.

FixxFest is open anything european cars, from the common Volkswagen to Mini, Volvo, anything air cooled and much more.

Always expect to see craziest builds at FixxFest or even the simplest. This is what makes FixxFest so popular because you will see a build like the awesome convertible MK1 pick-up built by European Performance and Repair.

If you have not seen Paul's MK6 GTI then you must be living under rock. He has one of the most well put/built MK6 in Florida if not in the United States, which it did not surprised us when he took home best MK6 GTI/Golf, Best of Show and Best Wheels and Best Trunk set-up.

Anthony took first place in the MK5 GTI/Golf class, well deserved. Fully wrapped by our own George Malioras.

Only after a couple of days after the event Josh found out he won first place in the MK6 Jetta class, only being an honest mistake but glad it was fixed. Josh received over 75% of the votes.

The man that walked away with Best MK3 was Mr. Hector him self with his clean (I really mean it) MK3 Golf. I have seen this car from the moment he bought the car to what it is now and he has done nothing but a great job with his Golf. If you are heading down south for WekFest this weekend in Miami, make sure you check out his new set-up while he represents Dub Empire for us.

Carlos walked away with Best Passat/CC with his B7 Passat on VIP Modular wheels.

Us being from Orlando we get the pleasure of seeing this awesome well built MK1, which won Best MK1 and also Most Creative. This car is not vinly wrapped, each image you see or color is  an individual sticker all done by local artist Adil.

Can not forget about Stancy him self which took second place in the Passat/CC class.

Prezzi's B7 S4 Avant with a RS4 widebody sitting beautiful on the new 0.08 3SDM wheels.

Micheal took first place in the MK5 Jetta class with his wild plastidip artwork.

Is not just all a car show, while the car show is going on in the background you heard all the high powered cars (some not) ripping through the drag strip trying to reach their fastest time.

Finally we would like to thank the entire UroTuning team for hosting one of the best european car events in Florida, make us happy that people love to keep the european community going and make it bigger. We are very glad to be part of this and hope to continue to help our community which is what we strive for. For more information about FixxFest and there next event please visit their website at

Photos by George Malioras, Skyelar Pifer and Tyler Nelson

Words by Alexander Martinez



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