Simply Clean 6 - Destination Daytona, Florida

Simply Clean 6 - Destination Daytona, Florida

There's not a lot of shows that originate out of Florida, but the ones that do. Well, those are the ones that always draw a giant crowd no matter what it is you drive. You see Florida is a pit stop for shows like Nuro Tag, WekFest, or even Formula D for that matter. But one of the few shows that originates out of the state that attracts people from Miami to Pensacola, hell even people from up north, is Simply Clean. There is no other show that comes out of this state that draws a bigger crowd, bar none. But the most amazing thing about the Simply Clean events is the immense progress that it has built from over the years. Simply Clean one started out at a small parking lot by UCF at a local boba hangout spot. Since then, its grown to a show that floods an area a mile long. Yes that's right, no I'm not exaggerating, literally a mile long. It's like a fairy tale in ways. As far as the eye can see there are cars and people. I mean did anyone go to SC4 two years ago? It was so big that the exit for Destination Daytona was shut down on i95. Process that, that's how many cars were building up on the HIGHWAY just to attend an event run by one man with the help of a lot of locals. I'm sure by now you've probably guessed, this is our event coverage of Simply Clean 6 at Destination Daytona in Daytona Beach, FL. Me personally, I suggest you bust out bottle of lotion and a box of Kleenex.

Each year there is an abundant amount of quality cars that seem to pop up from all over the state. Just look above. Obviously one of the most talked about Corrado's within the United States belonging to Sean Landregan hailing from Jacksonville, FL. This is a car that people gawk over at shows from way out of state like SoWo and H2Oi for example. And here it is, at a show that started from nothing but turned into something that can be comparable to the two shows stated. And look at our boy George of the Jungle, with his extra stancy Volkswagen CC. Which we noticed was one of the only CC's in attendance besides one other.

As I said, the Simply Clean events have been able to draw cars and people from all over the state. Pictured in the shots above is one of our supporters, Allen with his MKVI Golf bagged on an exquisite set of BBS RS'. Or how about Rod Wraps gold wrapped BMW F10 5 series which is definitely something that you don't see at a run of the mill BMW event. There were so many cars at SC6 that were completely out of the box that it was honestly hard to keep up with, and keep our boners in our pants at the same time.

Even though the event draws out people from all over the state and people from out of state, it's still always so good to see local people you chat and hang out with posted in front of the show pavilion. Just look at all our MKIII babes that held it down, starting with Christian and working our way down to Hector Mendez. Even on the back side there were locals holding down the exterior of the pavilion. One of the cars I especially was happy to see put together was Anthony Malioras MKV GTI wrapped in chocolate brown and bagged on some pristine stepped BBS RS'. By the way, did anyone else catch the abundance of Dub Empire banners that were across a good majority of windshields! We're so happy to see so many people proudly posting our brand on their cars!

Two of the main sponsors for Simply Clean 6 were CCW Wheels and AirLift Performance. CCW's booth could have been found outside towards to entrance of the event with their plethora of cars. Ranging from Dan Ho's Porsche 911 to a LS swapped Mazda FD. I must say I was absolutly stunned at the sight of Dan's Porsche. Not only the fact at seeing a 997 911 which is not so common, but the fact that it's lowered on a set of new CCW SP100's was a real treat. But the icing on the cake, if you stuck around Saturday night, was seeing Dan's Porsche on his 20' OZ Futura's. But lets swap gears and talk about the Air Lift booth under the pavilion, with there small army of bagged cars that also had a wide range of models. From a brand spanking new 2015 Ford Mustang, down to twin brothers Travis Kucyk's Audi A4 and Shane Kucyk's BMW 335i. It's no secret that Air Lift is one of, if not thee, biggest name is air ride suspension. The versatility of their products is similar to that of a high dollar set of coilovers, in that they can be driven hard at the track and then have a smooth ride home. Something that most other air ride company's cannot compete with.

Another familiar face that we were so delighted to see was one of Orlando's locals named Junito Maldonado. Returning off of his high at SEMA over the previous week, it was awesome to see Junito out and stunting in his VW Type1. As you may have noticed, unlike other Beetles, Junito decided to equip his with a set of Gotti wheels. Between the gold panted inner spoke of the wheels to the flat wine color of the car, its hard to not have a soft spot for Junito's beetle. But Junito was the only familiar face that we hadn't seen in a while, Paul from South Florida with his gorgeous bagged MKVI GTI was posted underneath the pavilion as well. I must say that Paul's car is one of the only MKVI's that I would whole heartdely consider a "show car". From the gold Rotifrom TMB's, the AirLift air ride suspension, to his absolutely stunning interior. The car is pretty much a full package. Along with Paul's car, there were a good majority of other Air Lift cars including Sparky's B7 Passat on Rotiform wheels.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Nickoli Chin and all the staff that help put on an extremely well organized and smooth event. For the amount of cars and people that attended the show this year, it couldn't have gone any better. Time after time we look forward to attending Simply Clean events, as much as we look forward to attending events like SoWo. We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the Simply Clean events to come. All we know is, we won't be disappointed. And if you haven't had the chance of being able to attended a Simply Clean event, then we highly suggest you plan on doing so for the future. I mean who can pass down quality cars, babes everywhere, and the Florida sun. But before we close on this article, we would like to thank each and every single one of you who supported us by buying stickers, coozies, shirts, and other merchandise that we had for sale at our booth. This was our first major event after we have totally revamped our website, merchandise, and overall outlook on what we want to achieve with Dub Empire. We took a ton of time in making sure that everything was to our liking and hoping that all of you (our supporters) would appreciate the work as well. And it showed! We look forward to each and everyone of your continued support!

Photos by George Malioras and Tyler Nelson
Words by Sean O'Connor


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