The Bean - Hector's MK3 Golf

The Bean - Hector's MK3 Golf

We've all had ambitions of being someone when we grow up. Whether it's someone famous like a celebrity, athlete, or your local hero's. This guy is no exception to any of those listed. Always willing to lend a hand when he can, and always willing to kick it with good people. I am thankful to call Hector Ramirez one of those people. Among the MKIII community, I would consider Hector to be one of the people I aspire to be with his humble attitude and exquisitely built vehicles. We're gonna introduce you to someone who is not as commonly known among the MKIII community, unless you've seen his previous builds that have been posted up and down the MKIII picture thread on VWVortex.

Hector is a native of Puerto Rico and currently resides in Kissemmee, Florida. Since Hector was young he's always had a fascination with old beetles, and has owned VW's from the time he had his license. Having from up to 15 Volkswagen's ranging from a 73' Super Beetle to MKI's and MKIV's. But of these, his favorite are the MKIII's (we couldn't agree more). However, owning a MKIII in Puerto Rico is not so simple. Especially while trying to own rare parts at the same time because of how hard it is to find the parts, not to mention shipping. But even with those obstacles, Hector was still able to own a MKIII Cabrio with a VR6 and European parts.

When he moved to Florida it became apparent that he needed to take a different outlook on how to build his car. Hector currently owns a MKIII Golf with his outlook being that the car should be simple, with wheels and colors to attract the most attention. Rather then being flashy with a ton of camber and unnecessary pieces. Simple being a bag setup from AirLift with V2 management, a set of 15 x 8/ 15 x 8.5 BBS RS', a Nardi steering wheel, a custom rear C-pillar bar, and other small detail in the interior. Other than that he has tried to keep the car as simple as possible. And if you happen to come across the car at SimplyClean6 this weekend, then you'll realize it really is as simple as it gets. Yet even though its so simple, it stands out from other VW's (especially other MKIII's).

According to Hector, the VW scene is nothing out of the ordinary in that you have to do something that other people like in order to become someone. But Hector has built his car the way he wants because he has no value for the negative opinions that others may have. The car is a daily driver and takes the abuse of day to day driving on the horrendous Florida roads. But it isn't the cars that Hector is thankful for, it's the people he's met along the way and the memories he's created with those people. I can definitely say that Hector is one of our best friends and always will be. Our time with him this year at SoWo14' was an absolute blast. We look forward to seeing him again this coming weekend, and even more so towards his current Golf and the cars he will eventually build in the future.

Photos by Tyler Nelson

Words by Sean O'Connor 




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