Dub In The Trees 8 - Pleasant Valley, Connecticut

Dub In The Trees 8 - Pleasant Valley, Connecticut

I would like to start by saying that 2014 has been an interesting season and an awesome one as well. For me personally this has been my first year taking automotive photography seriously, and I only intend to progress myself further along with my shooting and hopefully cinematography with the pick up of a camcorder/ go-pro.

But enough about me, this event started off as a small get together for a few friends to end off the car season before everyone goes into hibernation for the winter months. In 2006 it started with 50 some odd people and just from people spreading the word this events popularity has grown every year since.

My girlfriend and I arrived early, only because I had work in the afternoon and had to leave early. With the time that I had there I managed to pull together a small collection of my favorite shots on the day that I’ve chosen to share with you here.

Well New England, winter is steadily approaching and for me that just means its time for us to indulge in our winter habits, building, hibernating, for me snowboarding is what I’ll be spending my time doing.

Big plans for spring 2015, going to have my first build what it will be is very much a mystery, but I also plan to hit SoWo for the first time next season with my girlfriend so I just can’t wait to get underway.

Photos and words by Kevin Miller 



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