A Glimpse into the Tropical Euro Scene - Xavier's E46 325i

A Glimpse into the Tropical Euro Scene - Xavier's E46 325i

Coming from the tropical island of Puerto Rico, where the stanced-out, low-life scene is something relatively new and not everyone knows how to pull it off, especially with European cars, this 2000 BMW E46 325i owned by Xavier Santiago (@xaviman) has managed to put together an eye catching, neck breaking work of art.

No stranger to custom work, as he tinkers with customizing as a hobby, Xavier knew his car would not remain stock when he purchased it. After a few modifications and poking around in forums he set his sights on what he wanted to achieve. Starting off with retrofitting the headlights, a work he picked up how to do by first trying it out on this E46 and adding CSL body pieces like front bumper, carbon fiber inserts and wing, his project had begun to take form.

After doing some much needed maintenance and refreshing the engine he then moved to fitting the car with an Active Autowerke Supercharger kit which operating at 8psi dynoed in at 250hp, providing a modest increase in power.  To make driving it interesting, paddle shifters were installed to manage the automatic transmission; it’s worth to mention that almost all the work put into the car was made by Xavier himself.

Setting his sights on building a 3-piece wheel, he got his hands on some 16 inch BBS RS’s, which he took apart and got custom step lips and barrels making the set now 18x9.5 and 18x11 fronts and rears respectively; with the tiffany blue paint job on the faces serving as the icing on the cake. After getting tired of rolling static on coils in the rough and raw streets of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, and after many, many lips and splitters sacrificed because of that, he recently made the switch to air ride, bagging his car with an Airtekk Engineering kit.

What comes next nobody knows, as this E46 owner will always find a way to find improvement upon perfection, for now all we can do is enjoy these finely captured pictures of this Bavarian beauty. Enjoy.

Photos by Gabriel Rodriguez

Words by Juan Rodriguez 



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